Electronic Kit Products

These are electronic products. Electronic Kits do not come with a binder, sleeve, or tabs. These are for customers who prefer an alternative to a traditional “hard” binder kit. They are electronic documents (PDFs) for you to print out on your own printer.

Basic Electronic Corporation/LLC Kit – $54.05

The Basic Electronic Corporation/LLC Kit includes PDF documents:  Printing Instructions, Initial Universal Minutes & By-Laws or Operating Agreement, 20 Electronic Certificates (fillable form), Stock/membership Transfer Ledger (fillable form), Stock/membership Cancellation Form (fillable form), a Basic Electronic seal, Certificate Back Wording Files, and a company name insert for your own binder.  We recommend using a laser color printer.

Gold Electronic Corporation/LLC Kit – $85.82

The Gold Electronic Corporation/Co. Kit contains everything in the standard as well as the ability to issue more certificates and add signatures. The kit also includes a higher end seal available as a separate file.  We recommend using a laser color printer.